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Obroa-skai Walkers

Dec 24, 2021

As the title suggests, this isn't a new book or even a proper interlude. We were SUPPOSED to record an episode of Skyhoppers, but when Cole and I get left alone, it basically turns into this show anyway so we just went ahead and did that on purpose. We take a look back at the books we read in 2021 and try to rank them...

Nov 16, 2021

We had some trouble getting together to get this one recorded at first, but now we're here to deliver the last two chapters of LUKE SKYWALKER AND THE SHADOWS OF MINDOR. But not before we get bogged down in talking about other Star Wars stuff for a while first 😈

This week's Article From the Archives: TK-512

Nov 2, 2021

Force suns, flying volcanoes, and projectile black holes: Mindor has it all baby! Or what's left of it, anyway. Chapters 15-16 this week!

This week's Article From the Archives: Retribution (Discril-class)

Oct 19, 2021

I guess it wouldn't be COMPLETELY unrealistic to say that you saw this week's cliffhanger coming, but I would definitely be giving you a side eye because it hit ME like a ton of bricks. Chapters 12-14 of Shadows of Mindor coming at you fast!

This week's Article From the Archive: Metanecrons

Oct 12, 2021

Things are getting weird on Mindor this week, patrons (as though they weren't weird before). Chapters 9-11 this week!

This week's Article From the Archive: Lannik Racto's office