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Obroa-skai Walkers

Mar 22, 2022

Ben is reading The New Rebellion! Obi-Wan had a trailer! New editions of Legends books are coming! We also discuss the fact that Star Wars fans left to their own devices can get a little... antsy. And we're reading TRUE COLORS by Karen Traviss! Read the short story "Odds" and up through chapter 1 for next week!


Mar 8, 2022

Celebration badges are going back on sale soon, we are officially going(!), and Ben is reading Midnight Horizon! But the main event is obviously the end of THE MANDALORIAN ARMOR, which certainly doesn't go out with a whimper.

This week's Article From the Archives: Roson Driver

Mar 1, 2022

Apparently this is our second to last reading for THE MANDALORIAN ARMOR and I'm mad about it. As is typical with this book, some mysteries unravel this week while others only deepen. You'll have to listen to find out which does what! Or you could just read the book without us, but why would you do that?

This week's...