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Obroa-skai Walkers

Jun 25, 2019

In this penultimate episode of our jaunt through Survivor's Quest, some big stuff happens this week! Formbi isn't as trustworthy as we thought, Drask is way cooler than we thought, and Fel does a fight.

This week's Article From the Archives: Mant Buume

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Jun 18, 2019

Finally! Some of our questions are answered! But not all of them. Not even close. There are still so many questions. You cannot believe how many questions remain unanswered. Anyway. Read chapters 20-23 for next week!

This week's Article From the Archives: Grand Avenue (Graith)

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Jun 11, 2019

This week is OSW... After Dark. Meaning we're recording MUCH later than normal. I didn't get to go to sleep til like 1:30am. But anyway, we talked about the next segment of Survivor's Quest! Strange things are afoot on the ruins of Outbound Flight...

This week's Article From the Archives: Daimanate starfighter

Jun 4, 2019

Continuing our journey through Survivor's Quest by Timothy Zahn, we open the episode dicussing some of the pros and cons of both Legends and Canon. It might come across as ragging on Canon a little hard, but we both love it. Really. We promise. We also touch on the first new Legends content we've gotten in years!!! Make...