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Obroa-skai Walkers

Nov 10, 2020

You might've thought that you were free of both Shadows of the Empire AND us, but you'd be wrong on both counts. As we've promised for the last few weeks, we're finally getting around to finishing up Shadows of the Empire! We read the comic and then played the game to make sure that we got the full experience.


Oct 20, 2020

Guri is freed, Xizor makes an exit that is not nearly as dramatic as one would expect, and diamond-boron missiles! What more could you ask for from the conclusion of Shadows of the Empire? Well, aside from an episode of this podcast that doesn't get interrupted by internet troubles. But we even have that this week!


Oct 13, 2020

Sigh. Texas strikes back. We were only able to get through our intro section and the first part of the reading this week. But we'll be back to finish out Shadows of the Empire next week!

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The Skyhoppers Podcast

Oct 6, 2020

I hear the Emperor has an eight-pack. I hear the Emperor is shredded. Honestly, as I type that the day after we recorded, I can't remember why we said it. That must mean it's a good episode, right? Topics also include: jade ops, moonglow, and Dash Ex Machina. For next week, finish the gosh-dang book!

This week's Article...

Sep 29, 2020

Well. He's done it. Xizor has finally turned into his most terrible final form. But we try to make it brief because it's gross and uncomfortable to read for countless reasons. But thankfully chapters 22-28 aren't TOTAL trash.

This week's Article From the Archives: Hayde Gofai

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